Wholesale Lettuce Manchester

Here at Naturally Best Fresh, we are committed to providing the freshest wholesale salad vegetables for our customers. We’ve been fruit & veg wholesalers for over 30 years and know what quality fresh produce looks like.

Since starting out in Smithfield Market Manchester in 1984, we’ve built good relationships with clients in the North West area and are relied upon by many to supply the best salad vegetables on the market. Check out our range of fresh lettuces for sale below.

Cos Lettuce
Endive Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce
Lambs Lettuce
Little Gem Lettuce
Lollo Biondi Lettuce
Lollo Rosso Lettuce
Mizuna Lettuce
Oakleaf Lettuce
Raddichio Lettuce

What is the Wholesale Price of Lettuce?

If you’re a caterer or other food related business, finding wholesale lettuce at a good price is essential to your everyday operations. We’ve been working with clients like you for decades and know how important it is to supply your customers with fresh and tasty salad vegetables: it’s what keeps them coming back.

Luckily we have a wide range of wholesale vegetables to offer you, including plenty of delicious lettuces. You can choose from cos lettuce, iceberg lettuce and little gem or, if you’re after more exotic leaves, lollo biondi and lollo rosso varieties are available too. Our lettuce prices are some of the most competitive in Manchester, so don’t miss out!

How to Keep Lettuce Fresh

Keeping lettuce fresh can be a challenge for anyone, especially for those buying vegetables in bulk. The last thing you want is to have to throw away any delicious fresh produce. Here’s a little tip that can come in handy for anyone looking to buy wholesale vegetables.

Once you’ve washed your lettuce, the best thing to do is leave it moist in a plastic bag between two paper towels. Remember to leave a corner slight open so some air can get to it too. This little trick can help extend the life of your wholesale lettuce for an extra few days, cutting down on waste and getting the most for your money.

Buy Fresh Lettuce UK

You can buy a range of salad vegetables from us online. Order your fresh lettuce in bulk from us today! We deliver wholesale fruit & veg to your door in Manchester and the North West!