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Want to add a bit of life and colour into your next meal? Then Naturally Best Fresh’s selection of rainbow peppers is here to brighten your fridge. Have a browse at our colourful options of sweet and spicy peppers, including capsicum and Ramiro peppers.

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Ramiro Peppers

Fun Facts About Peppers!

Peppers are fantastic both in appearance and flavour, but did you know the following facts about these little vegetable gems?


  1. Red peppers pack the most nutrition among the other ones due to being in the vine the longest, followed by orange, then yellow, and finally, green. It’s all in the matter of its harvesting schedule.
  2. Similar to tomatoes and breadfruit, these peppers can be eaten raw.
  3. These peppers are packed full of antioxidants, making it an extremely beneficial ingredients.

Different Ways To Use Peppers

There are an absolute variety of ways we can use peppers in our dishes. Mixing them with sensible ingredients and experimenting with what works best. Need some inspiration? Here’s some of our favourites


  1. Pasta Salad with Grilled Sausages And Peppers. Find the recipe here
  2. Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. Find the recipe here 
  3. Grilled Pepper Dip. Find the recipe here


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