Wholesale Leaf and Green Vegetables Manchester

What makes food taste great? Flavour, texture and colour are all valuable necessities for an astounding dish, and presentation holds the plate together.

If you’re thinking of adding both a sense of flavour and arrangement, then our bulk selection of various leaf and green vegetables should be enough to inspire you for the next cuisine.

Banana Leaf
Lime Leaves (Frozen)
Curley Parsley
Flat Leaf Parsley
Red Cabbage
Savoy Cabbage
Spring Cabbage
White Cabbage

Facts About Greens & Leaves

Did you know…

  • Not just vegetables, but all types of green fruits too, enables you to grow and develop both physically and mentally! 
  • Leafy vegetables such as red cabbage and lettuce are great sources of vitamins A and K, that simply one cup (47g) is enough to provide over 80% of these vitamins.
  • Some are also high in fiber, but have their own nutrients to offer. For instance, did you know that Red Cabbage is a great source of flavonoids?

Greens & Leaves For Your Bespoke Dishes

To put it simply, there is a diverse range of methods you can use to both enhance the flavour and fashion your next dish with our bulk selection of greens and leaves. 

A quick and simple way to ensure your vegetables are prepped for cooking is as easy to follow as washing your hands. 

Contact us to get your very own wholesale greens and leaves delivered.